The Only 3 Body Care Products You Need for Your Baby

essential baby care products The Only 3 Body Care Products You Need for Your Baby

When you’ve got a new baby on the way, there is so much to think about and so much to do. Amongst the things you’ll need are furniture such as a crib and rocking chair, toys, clothing, diapers and wipes, and of course, baby body care products!

When it comes to body care products for your baby, there is no end to what is available out there. There are tons of different choices on the baby body care market. The wide variety of options can be confusing and might make it difficult for you to determine what you will actually need and use. Just because a product is available, doesn’t mean that it’s necessary.

Many of the products that are available for baby body care aren’t really essential and are actually designed to prey on vulnerable new parents so that the parents feel like they need the products in order to care for their baby properly. In all reality, you need very few baby body care products in order to properly care for your precious baby.

Combination Baby Body Wash and Baby Shampoo

Among the most basic of baby body care products is baby shampoo for baby’s hair and baby body wash for baby’s body. Obviously, these things are going to be a necessity because you’ll need to be able to properly wash your little one. You’ll definitely want to use products specifically for babies because your little one has very soft and sensitive skin that may not do well with harsher products.

Fortunately, baby body wash and shampoo are designed similarly. For this reason, there are a ton of options of 2 in 1 products so that you only have to buy one product to serve the purpose of both washing your baby’s hair as well as washing your baby’s body. Even with choosing a specific product like 2 in 1 baby body wash and shampoo, there are still a ton of options out there.

When choosing which 2 in 1 baby body wash and shampoo combination that you’ll use, there are a few things you’ll want to consider and keep in mind. First of all, you’ll need to consider the price. The range of price for different products of this nature is surprisingly large. There are extremely affordable and inexpensive options as well as much pricier choices as well.

You’ll also need to consider your baby specifically. Many babies handle any product well, while some babies may have more sensitive skin. Unfortunately, finding the right product for your baby may just be a process of trial and error.

If your baby is breaking out or having any issues in reaction to a product you use, look for a product designed specifically for sensitive skin and see if that works better for your baby. If problems continue, you may want to consider discussing the problems with your baby’s doctor.

Baby Lotion or Moisturizer

Another essential baby body care product is a lotion or moisturizer to help soothe, protect, and of course, moisturize your baby’s skin. A baby’s skin is soft and sensitive compared to an adult’s skin. If not cared for properly, your baby’s skin could become dry and peel. The best way to preserve your baby’s soft and smooth skin is to moisturize it regularly.

The best time to use a lotion or other moisturizer on your little one’s skin is right after your baby’s bath time. A bath can leave your baby’s skin dry and even itchy. To combat this, quickly dry your baby off after their bath followed by applying the lotion or moisturizer of your choice to your baby’s skin. It won’t take much at all because your baby is so small. You can apply the lotion all over your baby’s body apart from their head, face, and genitals.
Just like with the 2 in 1 baby shampoo and body wash, there are tons of different choices for baby lotion and moisturizers so you’ll need to choose an option that works well for your budget. You’ll also again, have to choose an option that works well for your baby specifically. The lotion or moisturizer should not cause any redness or irritation to your baby’s skin.

Petroleum Jelly

One more baby body care product that you’ll certainly need for your baby is petroleum jelly. This can be a little surprising for new parents as they might not realize the great uses and benefits of petroleum jelly. It’s a simple, inexpensive, and safe product that has multiple uses in baby body care.
Petroleum jelly can be used both to treat as well as to prevent diaper rashes in your baby. To prevent diaper rashes using petroleum jelly, apply a thin layer to your baby’s diaper area before putting a new diaper on them at diaper changes. It will act as a moisture barrier and will help to prevent the baby’s pee or poo from irritating their sensitive skin and therefore prevent rashes.

Treating diaper rash with petroleum jelly works much the same way. You simply apply a thin layer to the affected area to protect it from moisture and irritation. This will prevent the rash from getting worse and promote healing. Another great use for petroleum jelly in baby body care is using it as a lip moisturizer for baby or even using it as a moisture barrier under your baby’s nose when they’ve got a runny nose to protect the area from becoming irritated or raw from repetitive wiping and continuous exposure to the moisture.

Keep it Simple

The amount of baby body care products available can certainly be overwhelming, so it’s really best to just keep it simple. By only choosing a few essential products, you’ll be able to properly care for your baby and save time and money.

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