Best Full Face Helmets Reviewed for Protection

Whether you are more of a casual motorcyclist or an avid enthusiast, finding the right equipment is definitely going to be one of the priorities you should consider before setting off for an adventurous excursion.

Even to an outsider to the world of biking, it may seem evident that pursuing this free-spirited hobby or even a lifestyle, isn’t necessarily a simple and straightforward thing, as you must take into consideration various important maintenance and safety-related details concerning your motorcycle of choice.

Last Updated: May 3, 2018
By Chantelle Fowler:

Our Spring 2018 update features a few new full face helmet additions. Our top ten list evolves with time and as new products become available on the market, we adjust our list to reflect these changes.

Featured Recommendations

HJC Solid Men's CL-17 Full Face Helmet
  • HJC Solid Men's CL-17 Full Face Helmet
  • 5 out of 5
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1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet
  • 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet
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LS2 Stream Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  • LS2 Stream Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • DOT Approved
  • Price: See Here

The numerous features of your machine, such as the brakes, engine performance, and the tank must be kept in check at all times, as these motorized vehicles have the ability to reach high speeds, and the safety level cannot be said to equate to that of a car, for rather obvious construction reasons.

Other than these safety-related characteristics of your motorbike, there is another piece of equipment which can be just as important in providing you a carefree and protected riding experience, and that is the motorcycle helmet, with all its variations.

The main purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the rider from head injuries, and to reduce the damage from the impact should it come to an accident.

Other than this main utilization, many modern-day helmets also come equipped with various convenient additions, such as ear-protection, intercom, radio, specialized ventilation systems and so on.

These protective headwear items come in five different versions when it comes to motorcycling alone.

There are many other models of helmets beside these, but the majority of them aren’t considered fit for usage as a means of protection for motorbike riding, as they are too small or of too weak a construction.

For these reasons, many of them are outlawed by various countries in which they are popular.

Five Protective Helmet Categories:

  1. Full face helmet – This type of helmet pretty much covers the entire head, ranging from the base of the skull in the back to the end of the chin in the front. They also include a tinted or clear front view with a transparent plastic shield, which is also called the visor. It can be swiveled up and down according to the user preference.
  2. Motocross/Off-road helmet – These helmets are typically designed with tough off-road conditions in mind, and they regularly feature an elongated chin protector, as well as an enlarged visor which allows for additional protective goggles to be worn inside the helmet.
  3. Flip-flop/Modular helmet – A design solution that would come in between the two aforementioned kinds is the modular type of helmet, which bears the characteristics of both the full face helmet and the motocross one. It features a special lever to pivot the chin and visor protection up and down, thus enabling the alternation between the two types of protection.
  4. Open face helmet – This helmet covers roughly the three-fourths of the head, with the face part being left exposed, without any additional chin protection. While great for keeping the back of the head safe, the face is left unshielded which can lead to discomfort from the dust, bugs, and other inconveniences, as well as a greater degree of injury possibility, should a crash occur.
  5. Half helmet – Offering the least protection of all five types, the half helmet is nowadays considered obsolete and its usage is also prohibited in some countries. It pretty much covers only the top of the head, while the parts on the side remain exposed and unshielded.

Since a full-face helmet is optimal for your safety, we’ve chosen our top helmets for this Full-face helmet guide to help you make a choice:

1. HJC Solid Men’s CL-17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

full face helmet

This HJC Motorcycle Helmet offers a sleek, futuristic design as well as some great properties when it comes to the construction material. In addition to that, this impressive model from HJC features a number of interesting innovative enhancements, as well as some expansions to the design of the stock elements.

Advanced Composite Shell from Polycarbonate – Supported by newly-developed technology, this shell enables a great fit and comfort while wearing, with its lightweight composition which will make you feel as though you don’t even have it on. It further includes specialized impact absorbing, and an EPS multi-density liner, both of which improve the softening attributes of the material at hand. Also, the aerodynamic shape significantly decreases the turbulence which usually occurs at higher speeds.

ACS – Advanced Channelling Ventilation System – This helmet has a rather advanced ventilation system included in its already lengthy list of convenient characteristics, and it works in such a way, that it prevents the airflow to affect the aerodynamics of the helmet negatively. It does so by allowing the air to flow through the vent positioned at the chin-extension part. This is especially useful when the front shield starts fogging and the visibility is impaired.

Moisture-wicking interior – This innovative feature has certain crown-and-cheek pads for better comfort and improved positioning of the face. They are removable and easily washable, which makes them a nifty little addition to this set. These cheek supporters are also multi-layered. For those who wear glasses, there are specialized glasses grooves which greatly improve the accommodation.

Pinlock Prepared HJ-09 Shield – The face shield comes with anti-scratch coating, which makes the entire helmet safer as well as aesthetically more pleasing. Also, it offers up to 95% of UV protection which can come in pretty handy on particularly sunny days.

On the downside, the face pads supporting the cheeks may feel a bit too bulky and can take a little getting used to.

2. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

full face helmets

This versatile full-face helmet features numerous paint finishes, some of which include glossy green, pink, silver and white. Another convenient thing about this particular helmet is that it can be ordered in several different sizes, namely X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large, which is inclusive enough so that everyone can find their own fit. Here are some of its most interesting features in more detail:

DOT Approved – For starters, an important thing worth noting is that this motorcycle protective helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation, which reassures that this product with seemingly simplistic style offers the highest degree of protection required by the rather rigorous standards of the official government branch for transportation.

Dual lens design – The main idea behind this innovative design solution is the enhanced comfort and visibility on the inner part of the shield, and the rugged and heavy-duty lens layer on the outer side of it. Add to this the advanced flip-up option to easily operate this shield, and you have a great visor that will last you a long time and offer great visibility properties throughout.

Removable Padding – When it comes to the inner parts of this helmet made out of special kind of cloth, the design is such that it allows an easy removal of the parts in question and simple maintenance, meaning that the washing and cleaning, in general, will not present a problem at all.

On the downside, it seems that sometimes these helmets can appear to be somewhat smaller when tried on by certain users, which may come down to the shape of one’s head, or the differences in the measuring units. Regardless, to avoid these issues, make sure that you find a model that is exactly your match before making the purchase.

3. Bio-hazard Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

IV2 helmet

Coming from the IV2 helmet producing company, this Bio-hazard model has innovative sun visor control which protects against strong UV rays as well as the heat. Also, the new design is glove friendly and features easily controlled movable parts.

EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner – This specially designed inner fitting additionally enhances the shock and the damage of the possible impact by absorbing the great amount of the impact energy and thus decreasing the chance of serious injuries and fractures.

ABS Composite Shell – To make this helmet even more convenient and easily portable, the shell itself is constructed out of a composite material which behaves well despite its light weight and compact design, meaning that the toughness characteristics are not compromised with this lighter construction solution.

DOT Approved – The numerous advanced characteristics of these helmets have got them the official approval of the department of transportation, which means they are legal to wear pretty much everywhere in North America.

Washable Interior – The interior of this model is fully washable and removable, which enables the rider to perform maintenance virtually everywhere he needs to.

Optimally Vented – This helmet is equipped with multiple strategically positioned venting inlets which together make a highly ventilated unit capable of processing even the wind gusts of greatest intensity.

Dual D-Strings Strap – To provide for the comfortable wear as well as a secure fit and balance, this strap has been delicately designed with predominantly light wearing properties and a solid grip in mind. Certain parts of it are made out of best stainless steel which is known for its great durability.

The downside of this helmet might be that with some sizes the ventilation openings seem to have been improperly scaled which can result in a bit of a draft in the area around the eyes with some users.

4. LS2 Stream Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With Sunshield

LS2 Helmets

This LS2 Helmets solution comes with some of the latest improvements that helmet-oriented technological advances have been offering recently. Featuring an attractive as well as compact design, this helmet answers to most of the needs of a typical motorcyclist and has many other interesting additions to offer on top of that.

The Built-in Twin Shield System – One of the examples of simplicity and convenience in the design of this helmet, in particular, is its innovative visor drop-down system, which makes it possible to retract it up and down using one built-in switch.

DOT approved chin strap – Another interesting solution when it comes to opening and closing of the strap is the quick release mechanism for fastening and unfastening of this part of the helmet. Since a well-adjusted strap is a key part of a motorcycle helmet, the fact that the one installed on this model has been DOT approved guarantees the high-quality and durable properties that this piece of protection boasts.

Removable Fabric Liner – The fabric liner on this product is made to be easily accessible in any given situation, making it a rather easy part for maintenance and cleaning. All you need to do is remove it when you think it needs some refreshing, and then simply wash it as you would any other cloth piece of motorcycle equipment.

The light build of the helmet itself- The well-known LS2’s great technological advances in the manufacturing process of their protective equipment are clearly observable in the construction of this model, as it features the shell made of high-performance HPTT polycarbonate alloy, which is famous for its excellent protection properties as well as relatively lightweight.

The Warranty – This LS2 helmet comes with a five-year warranty for the workmanship and any possible defects in the material itself.

The bad side of this model are that some users may find that the shape rather resembles an intermediate oval one, rather than fully oval, which may bring about some issues with the uncomfortable wear and excessive heat accumulation. To prevent this, please make sure that you check the dimensions of this product beforehand.

5. WOW Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

WOW Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

Following suit with its rather interesting company name, this WOW motorcycle helmet boasts great aesthetic properties which will definitely be turning heads almost as much as your motorcycle. The smoothly designed futuristic shell is not only good looking but equipped with a myriad of useful additions which can come in handy.

DOT approved – First of all, though, it is worth mentioning that this pretty boy helmet is yet another model on this list that falls into the category of DOT approved protective equipment, which means that, along with its attractive appearance, it will offer some great protection against not only the wind and bugs but also from serious injuries should an accident happen, god forbid.

Lightweight shell design – Continuing on with their optimal comfort policy, the technicians at WOW have come up with an advanced design which combines an incredibly lightweight shell with some impressive protection features. This is thanks to the thermoplastic alloy material used for the construction of this helmet, which also possesses great aerodynamic properties, providing a smooth ride and a small wind resistance.

Glossy Finish – Perhaps the main feature where the compact combination of the stylish and the convenient make a mix, is the special protective finish which is completed with a shiny glossy surface, but which also contains certain UV protection materials.

One the con side of this particular model, some users may experience problems with the shield which would not shut all the way, resulting in an awkward ride.