Color Psychology: How the Nursery Room Colors Affect the Baby

choose the right nursery room colors Color Psychology: How the Nursery Room Colors Affect the Baby

As a future parent there are plenty of decisions to make and things to do that will keep you nice and busy while you wait to meet your precious baby. One very exciting thing about pregnancy is decorating your baby’s nursery room! You get to pick out the cutest furniture and buy fun toys and fill your baby’s closet with the most adorable outfits you can find, and of course, you get to pick out a great color scheme for your sweet son or daughter.
Picking colors for your baby’s nursery room may sound like a simple and straightforward task. You may choose to go with the obvious soft pink for a little girl or the classic baby blue for your new little boy, or you may think to be a little more creative and choose a different color of your liking. It may not be quite as simple as you think though.

Have you ever wondered why almost every single fast food place is adorned in red and yellow? Research reveals that these colors get people excited and can even increase appetites. It turns out that colors can have a strong impact on our brains. They affect our emotions, reactions, thoughts, and in some cases, may even have an impact on our health. That goes for adults and infants alike, so when you choose what colors to surround your baby in, you may want to consider how those colors might affect them, first.

Warm Colors

The warmer side of the color wheel holds all sorts of interesting properties that can affect the way your little one feels and even how they behave. Warmer colors promote feelings from excitement to anger, so it’s important to use them carefully.


The color of fiery passion and thrilling excitement, red is a stunning color. It may be attractive, but it is generally not going to be the best choice for a nursery. Too much red can create feelings of anger and give the inability to focus properly. It may even cause headaches. If used in moderation, however, it may enhance feelings of excitement and it has been discovered that being exposed to the color red may even help to increase athletic ability.


nusery orange

Orange is an especially cozy and friendly color. It encourages positive social interaction and helps facilitate good communication. Orange has the ability to put one at ease as well as provide healthy stimulation to your little one. It is important to keep in mind that too much orange can be over-stimulating, however. For this reason, you may want to keep the amount you use to a minimum, especially if you choose a bolder shade of orange.


Representing happiness, the color yellow can be an excellent choice for your little one’s nursery room. It’s inviting and energetic, but as with the other warm colors, you’ll need to exercise caution when using it in your little one’s space. If you choose a bright yellow, limit it to accent pieces and perhaps an accent wall in the room. Too much bright yellow may cause excessive crying in your little one which is the last thing you want! If you want to use a lot of yellow in your nursery room, try a lighter pale shade of yellow instead to promote concentration as well as thoughtfulness.


nursery pink

It’s one of the classics, and certainly not a bad choice when decorating your baby’s nursery room. It’s a favorite for little girls and understandably so. It’s promotes femininity and has an impressive calming effect. However, if a baby is overexposed to pink for a long time, it may begin to cause anxiety and stress. So, it may be a good idea to balance it with white or grey.

Cool Colors

Cooler colors have some great and interesting affects as well. They can be wonderfully calming and have a great soothing affect, too. Just be careful because they have the potential to darken a space and bring forth feelings of sadness and loneliness.


nursery blue color

Beautiful blue is a universally loved color that could be the perfect choice for your little one’s nursery room. It has great soothing properties and is calming like the ocean or a clear sky. It has been shown to even lower blood pressure and heart rate and might just help you get your baby to sleep just a bit easier.


You can’t go wrong with green. It’s all over nature, and represents nurturing, health, and over all well-being. It can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and has been shown to encourage easier learning and better memory.


nursery purple

Purple is the color of royalty. It’s luxurious and has many of the wonderful properties from the two colors that create it – red and blue. It’s a stable color that also excites. It’s shown to hold attention and pique the interest of babies and is a lovely choice for a nursery room for any baby.

Black and White

Another option that many parents are opting for now is to go with minimal color and choose an elegant scheme of black and white. If used appropriately, they can balance each other wonderfully and create a great environment for your baby. Their stark contrast will fascinate your baby and give them something interesting to look at. Adding splashes of color can provide the additional benefits of whatever colors you choose and create a beautiful look.

Have Fun

Choosing colors certainly may not be as simple as you thought, but it’s certainly nothing to stress about either. Knowing how different colors may affect your little one can be helpful, but it’s important to still have fun decorating this special space while creating a look that you and your little one will both love!

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