Best Back Seat Organizers Reviewed

You love keeping your kids happy and entertained, especially during long car trips, but that can lead to quite a messy situation! Between toys, books, snacks, and more, your back seat can turn into an unorganized play room quickly. It doesn’t have to, however! Instead, consider investing in a back seat organizer to make your life much easier.

Haven’t heard of this before? These organizers attach to your front seats and provide tons of pockets and storage options for all of your child’s things. Keep your child happy and your car clean– what a great combo! To help you out, here are our picks for the nine best back seat organizers on the market today.

Our Top 3 Picks

Autoark AK-002
  • Autoark AK-002
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Convenient
  • Price: See Here
Fancy Mobility Backseat
  • Fancy Mobility Backseat
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extra Car Visor
  • Price: See Here
Mom’s Besty Back Seat
  • Mom’s Besty Back Seat
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Clear iPad Pocket
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Back Seat Organizers


1. Autoark AK-002 Standard

1. Autoark AK-002 Standard
Our number one pick for the best back seat organizers comes from Autoark. Tons of storage, a sleek design, and easy to install. Combined with the value, this is an unbeatable product. Complete with two unique features- a tissue dispenser and insulated pocket, this is a totally unique and quality product you are sure to love.
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Tissue Dispenser and Insulated Bag

These two features are what make this product so great. First, the bottom of this bag has a convenient tissue compartment that creates a dispenser that is incredibly useful. Second, the large compartment in this organizer is an insulated compartment that will keep items either hot or cold.

Features and Specifications

    Back seat organizer with easy to adjust strap that attaches to your headrest
    Insulated pocket keeps things hot or cold
    Tissue dispenser in bottom of product
    2 side mesh pockets for holding drinks, and a front mesh pocket for holding additional items


This is one of the most affordable organizers on this list, which is part of what makes it our favorite pick. With tons of storage and unique features, this is a great value for the money and is suitable even for parents on a more limited budget.

Keep drinks or food items hot or cold while on a long trip

Plenty of mesh pockets for holding items securely

Tissue dispenser great for keeping your kid’s hands and noses clean


There is no iPad pocket

2. Fancy Mobility

2. Fancy Mobility
Landing in our top two is this organizer from Fancy Mobility. This will give you some of the most storage possible in a back seat organizer and will hold just about anything you would want to bring on your next road trip. Spots for books, toys, drinks, and more, this has it all!
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Extra Car Visor

What’s unique about this product is that it comes with a separate car visor that you can use for all the items you want to bring with you. Instead of taking up space in your child’s organizer, you can have your own space and leave them space for all their toys and snacks!

Features and Specifications

    Back seat organizer with two adjustable straps
    Separate car visor for additional storage
    Deep pockets- mix of solid and mesh pockets to hold a variety of items
    Waterproof fabric


This is not the most expensive product on this list, but it is more than some of the other products. However, it is a good value for the money and will give you more storage than most others on this list. The main storage mixed with the additional visor storage sets this apart from others on this list and is what we love so much about it.

Extra storage just for you so you don’t take up space in the main product

Mix of pockets for holding drinks and toys securely

Fabric is easy to clean


Does not have an iPad pocket

3. Mom’s Besty

3. Mom’s Besty
The brand name explains this next product very well- it is sure to be Mom’s Besty! With tons of storage and a sleek design, you will love how convenient and easy this organizer is. Your next car trip will go so much smoother with an organizer like this one.
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Clear iPad Pocket With Tablet Ports

Not only does this organizer have a clear protective pocket for your iPad, it also has cutouts for ports so that you can run your charger or headphones to your device while it is in the organizer. Perfect for long car rides, your child can watch your device as long as they want without fear of draining the battery or without disturbing other people in the car.

Features and Specifications

    Backseat organizer with two adjustable straps
    Clear iPad pocket with tablet ports
    4 mesh pockets along with one additional larger polyester pocket


This is one of the more expensive products on this list, but is worth spending the bit of extra money. It is still a good value considering how many features you are getting and the quality of materials used.

Plenty of storage space

iPad pocket and tablet ports for headphones and charger

Easy to install and fits majority of cars


Might not work if you don’t have a detachable headrest

4. EPAuto Premium

4. EPAuto Premium
If you have a bunch of various items that you want to travel with and keep organized, this will be a great product for you. This organizer from EPAuto has tons of storage in the form of multiple pockets that will help you to keep things organized, making it easier for your child to find what it is they are looking for.
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Double Duty- Seat Protector With Tons of Storage

This product will help protect your seats while also giving you all the storage that you will need. Instead of having to choose between the two (a protector vs an organizer), you can have both with this great product.

Features and Specifications

    Back seat organizer and kick mat
    3 mesh pockets and 5 additional pockets
    Easily attaches to headrest and front seat with two adjustable straps


This is one of the most affordable products on this list, making it great for those on a more limited budget. It is a great value for the money and has one of the best designs and variety of features.

Serves as both a kick mat and an organizer

More pockets than most products on this list

Easy to attach to most vehicles


Does not have an iPad pocket

5. Best Kick Mats

5. Best Kick Mats
Do your kids kick their feet a lot while riding in the car? If so, you likely have had to deal with scuff marks on the back of your front seats. But with this next product from Best you don’t have to worry any more! Store your your children’s items and keep your seats safe- a great combo all parents are sure to love!
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Heavy Duty Waterproof Vinyl Material

These mats will keep your seats safe- no matter if you have leather or cloth material. The waterproof material is very durable and is also machine washable, a big bonus for parents looking for an easy to clean product.

Features and Specifications

    Back seat mats- comes with two mats
    Vinyl material is durable and waterproof
    Two top mesh pockets hold toys and other items
    Easily attaches with two adjustable straps


This is a great price and value, especially considering that you get two mats. This is worth the money, especially when thinking about preserving the quality of your car.

Material is durable and also protects your car seat from damage

Mesh pockets provide you with storage

Easy to remove and wash when they get dirty


There are only two small mesh pockets, so there is not a large amount of storage

6. Driving With Kids

6. Driving With Kids
This organizer is different from all the other ones on this list. Instead of attaching to your front seats, this organizer sits next to your child and keeps all of their items contained in deep boxes. With additional pockets and features, this is a great organizer that holds more than most other products on this list. If you have a lot of items you need with you, this will be one of the best back seat organizers for you.
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Large Box Design

This organizer is comprised of two connected boxes that will store a lot of items- movies, books, toys, food, and more! When not in use, they easily collapse down and are easy to transport. These also attach via your back seat seat belt so that they won’t slide while you are driving.

Features and Specifications

    Back seat organizer with two deep boxes
    Two side drink pockets
    Dual side straps make it easy to carry
    Dimensions: 10 inches wide, 18 inches long, and 9 inches tall


This is one of the more expensive products on this list, but it is still very affordable. With all the storage space you are getting, it is worth the extra money and is a great value.

Convenient design, your children will easily be able to reach everything in the box

Strap helps keep the box in place so you don’t have to worry when driving

Separate drink pockets help keep things organized and clean


Cannot use as a product to hold or use an iPad for watching movies

Takes up a good amount of space, might be tight if you have multiple children in the car

7. AutoMuko Car

7. AutoMuko Car
5 various pockets make this next back seat organizer from AutoMuko a great choice for kids that have tons of items they can’t live without while on the road. 4 good sized, mesh drink pockets are the perfect size for holding drinks, bottles, snacks, or small toys. A larger pocket is great for books and other items. Finally, a protective iPad cover pocket is perfect for storing and using your device.
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Wide Design That Still Fits Most Cars

The design of this organizer is what makes it so great. With a wider design than most you can fit additional pockets on either side of the iPad case. However, this product is still a universal size and will fit in the majority of cars.

Features and Specifications

    Back seat organizer that attaches with 2 adjustable straps
    4 mesh pockets, 1 large middle pocket
    Clear protective iPad cover


This is not the most expensive item on this list, but also isn’t the cheapest. It is fairly priced and still very affordable. It’s a great value for the money considering all the various features it contains.

Protective iPad cover keeps your device safe

Wide design gives you more pockets for storing plenty of items

Easily and safely store drinks without fear of them tipping over


No headphone opening for using with the iPad

8. Handy Laundry

8. Handy Laundry
Hold everything you and your child need in this next organizer from Handy Laundry! With 5 easy to reach pockets, there is plenty of room to carry all of your child’s toys and snacks. Snap this easily onto the front car seat and you are good to go!
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Clear Protective iPad Cover

Not only does this organizer have a space for holding your iPad, it has a plastic protective cover that will keep it completely safe from getting scratched or from getting food or liquid on it. You can feel safe that your device will be safe in the back seat with your child thanks to this protective cover.

Features and Specifications

    Back seat organizer, attaches with two straps easily to car seat
    4 front narrow pockets, and one bottom wide mesh pocket
    iPad space with clear protective cover


This is a great value for the price, and is one of the most affordable products on this list. If you are looking for an affordable organizer, this is a great option for you. Even for those not on a limited budget, this is still a great quality product.

Protective cover for iPad

5 pockets give you plenty of space to hold everything

Easy to attach to most cars with two simple straps


Can only use if your seat has a detachable headrest

9. Big Dragonfly

9. Big Dragonfly
This last back seat organizer gives you plenty of options for storage, with all sorts of different pockets and spaces for storing just about anything you’ll need on your next long car trip. Perfect for kids and older adults, you are sure to love the versatility of this organizer, and are sure to use it for years to come.
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iPad Holder For Watching Movies

Movies are a great way to keep kids entertained while on the road. With this iPad holder, you can easily hook up your device so they can watch movies without having to hold (and potentially drop) the device.

Features and Specifications

    Back seat car organizer- straps on to front seat; can be used for front or back seat
    Large pockets for toys or books, round pockets for holding drinks and snacks
    Bottom mesh pocket for additional storage
    Ipad holder
    color options


This is pretty fairly priced and is similarly priced to most other products on this list. It is a good value for the money considering all the features and different pockets you get.

Easy to attach to seat

Able to use in front or back seat

Has the capability to hold and display your iPad

Plenty of storage pockets


Possibly isn’t comfortable for people sitting in the seat it is attached to

10. Lebogner

10. Lebogner
This backseat organizer from Lebogner is the perfect backseat organizer to meet anyone’s needs. It’s an especially wonderful choice for parents of small children with its ability to hold and display an iPad or other tablet. It also provides great protection from little shoes trying to scuff your seats, and of course, organizes toys, games, snacks, drinks and any other supplies you could need while in the car! No more dirty seats or snacks all over your car thanks to this great backseat organizer and iPad or tablet holder!
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iPad or Tablet Holder

This Lebonger backseat organizer features a nifty tablet holder that fits iPads as well as Android tablets. It safely secures the tablet into place to allow hands free viewing from the back seat. It will keep your kids busy and happy even on the longest of car rides.

Full Seat Coverage

Another wonderful feature that this backseat organizer has is its extra-large size. It measures an impressive 19” by 27” to provide full coverage over almost any vehicle seat! This full coverage design provides your seats with optimum protection from scratches and scuffs while also sporting a stylish and attractive design.

Features and Specifications

iPad or tablet holder
19” by 27”
Top buckle strap
Bottom buckle strap
4 mesh pockets
1 extra wide center pocket
Water resistant
Machine washable


This isn’t the cheapest backseat organizer on the market, but it’s certainly not the most expensive either. The fact that it has plenty of helpful and convenient features and is made with a high quality design gives this particular backseat organizer an unbeatable overall value.


There is no denying what a wonderful choice this product is among other backseat organizers. It was obviously designed with not only convenience in mind but also style and amazing functionality. You really can’t go wrong with this backseat organizer thanks to its superior design and surplus of features. It’s an especially wonderful choice if you have young children.


iPad or tablet holder keeps kids entertained for longer periods of time

Large design provides full seat coverage

Multiple pockets allow for easy and convenient organization

Water resistant material helps to protect your seats

Ability to machine wash is very convenient

2 separate buckle straps hold the backseat organizer snugly in place


iPad or Tablet holder can sometimes cause a glare on the screen

What to Put in a Baby Backseat Organizer

When traveling with a baby, whether it be short distance or long distance, it’s always a good idea to be as organized as possible. It can be really difficult keeping your car from being a disaster when you have little ones, but it’s extremely helpful. With all of the different things we tend to keep with us in the car for baby, it’s a great idea for parents to invest in a backseat organizer for their vehicle.

baby backseat organizers

Having everything you need right there in one tidy space can make a world of difference and can really help to lower your stress level. Once you have your backseat organizer, you might be trying to figure out the best choices of what to keep in it. There are tons of different things that are helpful to put in your backseat organizer. What you choose to keep there will depend on your and your child’s specific needs.


So, obviously, one of the most useful things to keep around with little ones is toys! Keep a couple of toys in your backseat organizer for easy access during car trips. You’ll need to choose smaller toys that will fit well in the organizer and be easy for your child to play with while they are in their car seat.
It’s also a clever idea to have specific toys that are just for the car. This will give your child something to look forward to about going into their car seat. Take it a step further and have multiple car-only toys that you rotate in and out of the backseat organizer. For example, you may keep a few blocks in the car for your child for about a week, and then put the blocks away for later use and replace them with a small stuffed animal or perhaps a board book that you keep in the car for a week or so before rotating them out again.

Snacks and Drinks

Food is another staple item to always have around when you’re a parent. If your little one has begun solids already, you’ll likely want to have some on hand in case they’re ready to munch down on the road. They also provide a nice distraction for your child to help everyone make it through the trip. The best choices when bringing food into the car, especially for baby, are finder foods that are not particularly messy. Ideas include puffs, crackers, dry cereal, pretzels, and dried fruit.

You’ll also probably want to bring along a drink for your little one. All of that snackin’ can really make your baby thirsty. The backseat organizer is a wonderful place to put your baby’s bottle or sippy cup. It keeps it nice and close in your reach, and you will always know exactly where it is when you need it.

Diapering Supplies

When going places with your baby, you’ll probably have everything to take care of all of your diapering needs in your actual diaper bag. However, it’s also a great idea to keep a few basic things in the car at all times. Putting a diaper or two in your backseat organizer can be a life saver in emergencies, and you know it will always be there if you run out of diapers or forget your bag.

backseat organizer for car

Wipes are also an essential item in your backseat organizer. They aren’t only good for emergency diaper changes, but also are super helpful in plenty of other situations as well. They’re great to have for cleaning up little hands and faces after a snack, and they can also help clean up any spills that are likely to occur when driving babies around.


One thing that many parents choose to include in their backseat organizer is electronics. They can be extremely useful when taking a car ride with a baby, especially if it happens to be a longer car ride. Tablets are a particularly popular choice. You can play a movie for your baby, or if they’re old enough, they may even be able to play a game on the tablet or other device. This entertains and distracts baby throughout the car ride which can make a world of difference in everyone’s car experience.

A First-Aid Kit

A less often thought of, but still excellent choice of what to keep in your backseat organizer as a parent is some basic first-aid supplies. You shouldn’t need anything real fancy, just a few basic things should do the trick. You should definitely include a few different sizes of band-aids as well as something like triple antibiotic ointment.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to include some alcohol swabs in your backseat organizer’s first-aid kit too. The size and what you include in your first-aid kit, should be based off of your own preferences and how prepared you want to be. You may want to include a few basic infant medicines should you need them. Things like Tylenol and Benadryl are always good to have on hand just in case.

Extra Clothes for Baby

As parents, we all know how surprisingly quickly our babies go through clothing. Keeping a change of clothes in your backseat organizer will help you have peace of mind that when those inevitable spills and blowout diapers happen that you have something else to dress your baby in.

Trash Bags

baby travelling accessories

The little plastic bags that you get from the grocery store make wonderful trash bags. They’re easily disposable, and the perfect size for throwing out trash in the car. Not to mention that they are free and abundant. Keeping a few of these in your backseat organizer will make keeping your car clean, even with a baby, much simpler and more convenient. They also serve as a great place to put your dirty diapers until you’re able to properly dispose of them.

You Can’t Go Wrong

No matter what you end up choosing to go into your backseat organizer, it’s guaranteed to be super helpful. You no longer have to worry about dealing with toys rolling all around your floor, you have everything you need in arms reach, and you can even be better prepared for accidents or minor emergencies.

The 5 Baby Travel Accessories You Must have with You

Parenting can be hard and there is no doubt that traveling with a baby is no easy feat. You have to be prepared, patient, and flexible. Try to remember that it isn’t just hard on you, but travel can be hard on your little one too. Luckily, there are tons of things available now that can make travel easier on both you and your baby. Here is a list of 5 things you must have to make travel with a baby go as smoothly as possible.

1. Portable Changing Mat

Frequent diaper changes are an inevitable part of parenting that are necessary for your baby’s comfort and health. Changing diapers during travel can be extremely inconvenient. Having a good portable changing can minimize that inconvenience and make diaper changes quick and easy. When searching for a good portable changing mat, there are several things you want to look for.

baby portable changing mat

The best portable changing mats are more than just a changing mat; they include other features as well. One of the main things you want in a portable changing mat is a place to store your diaper changing supplies such as diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream. Having a place to store these diaper changing essentials with your changing mat gives you the benefit of having everything you will need for diaper changes right in one convenient spot.
Something else to keep in mind with a portable storage mat is how much room it takes up. Ideally, you would want something that folds up well allowing you to easily store it in the car and put it in your baby’s diaper bag when necessary. You also want something that easily wipes clean. Being machine washable is also another great benefit to look for when shopping for your portable changing mat.

2. Snack Container

Babies love to snack. It’s likely that baby will become hungry during travel, so you obviously want something quick and easy to have on hand for your baby to munch on whenever hunger strikes. There are lots of different ways you can store snacks for easy access in the car.

You may prefer to try reusable snack bags for your baby’s snacks. These can be a great option that is convenient as well as environmentally friendly. Not to mention all of the adorable colors and designs that they come in. You will likely need to open this yourself and offer your baby a little at a time rather than handing over the whole bag.

baby food container

If you want your baby to be able to easily access their own snacks in the container, but don’t want to give them an open container that they are likely to just dump out, you may want to consider an option for a portable snack container with a slotted lid that is made of soft silicone. These nifty cups prevent things from spilling out of them, but still allow little hands to reach in and grab what they want.

3. Baby Carrier

When traveling with a baby, you must stop frequently. This is not only because babies require frequent diaper changes but they also need regular breaks from their car seat. Something else that can make traveling with a baby inconvenient is lugging the baby from place to place when you’re in and out of the car so often. A baby carrier can make carrying the baby much easier and more convenient.

Wearing your baby in a baby carrier is much better for you as they are ergonomically designed to distribute baby’s weight evenly over your body instead of causing you to strain with one arm and hip. There are tons of different types of baby carriers available so choose carefully which carrier is best for you and your family.

On top of being convenient and making carrying your baby easier, wearing your baby has all sorts of other benefits as well. Some of the many benefits of babywearing include having your hands free for other tasks, helping to increase the bond you have with your baby, and helping your baby to feel safe and secure. Studies have also shown that babies that are worn tend to cry less and learn faster since they are constantly seeing the world from an adult perspective.

4. Portable High Chair

Obviously, when you’re traveling, you’ll have to eat and so will baby! You’ll likely be stopping at a few restaurants if you’re going far at all. Most restaurants have their own high chairs in house, but they come with some considerable drawbacks.

baby portable high chair

For one thing, they often are not well maintained. The straps may not work right and there could be a lot of wear and tear on them. Additionally, they may not be cleaned in-between uses. This means that you’re likely to get a high chair that is gross and sticky with the previous occupant’s food mess all over it.
With a portable high chair, you don’t have to worry about any of those things. There are a couple of different types of portable high chairs available. One of the most convenient high chairs for travel use is a high chair that actually hooks directly onto the table. These chairs are easy to operate and allow baby to very easily reach table and eat on the same level and surface as you.

5. A Mirror for Rear-Facing

Babies rear-face in their vehicle seats. This can be slightly inconvenient since you can’t see your baby from the front of the vehicle. Even though it’s a little inconvenient, it’s completely vital as studies show that babies that are rear-facing are approximately 500 times as safe as those who are not rear-facing.
A mirror to put in front of your baby’s seat that allows you to see them from the driver’s seat can be extremely helpful and provide you with much needed peace of mind. By being able to see your baby you know that they are okay.

baby rear facing mirror

When choosing a mirror for your baby’s back seat there are some things to think about. You should probably choose something that has soft rounded corners to help prevent any possible injuries should your baby somehow be able to get to the mirror. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
Enjoy Your Travels

Even though having a baby with you when you go traveling can prove to be very difficult, there are some great things that you can get to help your travels to go as smoothly as possible. Try not to stress yourself to bad, and enjoy your travel time with baby as much as possible.

Decision Time

There you have it! The ten best back seat organizers on the market today. When you go to make your decision, think about the features that are most important to you. If you want your organizer to hold your iPad so your child can watch movies, consider the Big Dragonfly, Handy Laundry, AutoMuko, or Mom’s Besty products.

If you are looking for a large amount of storage, Driving With Kid’s product will be a great option for you. If you are wanting to protect your seats, look for an option with a protective kick mat, as found with both the Best and EPAuto products.